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  • JB Fitness Website

    JB Fitness Website


Project Overview

JB Fitness UK - Digital and Print Marketing

JBFitnessUK are a team of fitness and fat loss specialist’s who can offer you our expertise on exercise and nutritional programs that will help you to reach your target. Their aim is to deliver the very best service and to go above and beyond in assisting the residents of North and North East London in their quest to become the healthiest version of themselves.

They are passionate about helping each and every one of their clients to achieve their dreams and to fulfill their potential whilst giving them the best experience they could ask for.

It was this ethos that allowed us them to create a simple yet powerful slogan: "Outstanding Service. Life Changing Results" 

We share their passion and have assisted them in establishing their brand and services online through various marketing products including a website and various print marketing products.

Type: Online and Print Marketing

Date: Aug 2015

Client: JB Fitness UK